About Us

A New Generation in French Wine…

In France, the tradition of winemaking is often passed down from generation to generation. From this passage comes new ideas, new energy, and a new commitment to excellence.

Route Des Vins Imports is a ‘new idea’ wine import company.

While we greatly respect and appreciate the hard work and commitment of the pioneer boutique importers that preceded us and whose names have become famous in the wine world, we are not content to simply fall in line and do business the way that it has traditionally been done.

New ideas. New energy. New excellence.

From our ‘Trois Amis’ project to one of the finest estates in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, our first priority is high-quality. We turn down as many estates as we represent, and we are supremely focused on bringing you well-made wine with an emphasis on value.

Our founder, Frederick Corriher, spends a great deal of time in the vineyards and cellars of France selecting cuvées and culling out the finest that each vigneron has to offer. Very often, the cuvées he selects are special blends that are reserved only for the United States.

Here in the States, our sights are fixed upon building strong relationships with our wholesale partners, our restaurant/retail clients, and the end consumer. We strongly believe in a grassroots effort that focuses on education, personal contact, and consistent communication.

No client is too small and neither are their needs.